Impressum & Privacy


This website is a blog hosted on the platform, which provides all the technical infrastructure (server and software).

Ownership and editor

The owner and editor of the website is Stefan Schmitz :

Stefan Alexander Schmitz
107 rue Basse
59295 Estrun

Cookies and Privacy

This website uses the Stats service to collect anonymous statistics on readership, including geographic origin of readers, web browser language and version, operating system, etc. These statistics treat users as groups and do not allow to follow the activity of one particular user.

Cookies are stored on users devices when they use rating widgets, leave comments, or login on the platform to subscribe to new comments or new posts. Users can choose to disable cookies in their web browser.

When comments are posted, the email and IP addresses of their authors are stored on the server and visible to the administrators of the website.

For more details, see the privacy and cookies policy of our host and platform, :

Modification and Deletion of your data

Users of this website have a right to access, modify or delete their private data in comments, mailing lists, etc.

To have your data removed from the comments, send us a message.

To un-subscribe from mailing lists (new comments and new posts), follow the link at the bottom of the emails.

Usage of collected data

The data collected when users post comments solely serves to identify spam and prevent abuses. Such information is accessible to the site owner and the site administrators.

The data collected by the Stats service is used to know the audience of the website in an anonymous manner.

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